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Notice of 2021 Chinese New Year Holidays (2021-2-3 to 2021-2-19)

Thanks for your support for Mosun products. Our office will be closed from February  3 to February 19 for Chinese New Year. We will resume work on February 20. The order of January will arrange the production after February 20 We are glad to cooperate with you in the new year. Mosun Team 2021-1-21  

Where is led Chips heat

Where is led Chips heat for high power industry light? In the light industry, LED cooling is the biggest technological issue of LED light. Where are the led chips heat is generated? For example, if there is a 1w led chip. 1) The conversion efficiency of the chip is generally between 60% and 70%, such as 66%, […]

Led Flood Light With Lens

Led Flood Light with Lens If you have some project need a small beam bright, 60° and 90° beam can help you. Our factory is producing and ordered from March-1st 2019. Welcome to contact us for more datasheet and promotion price.

Module Led high bay light & tunnel light

As a manufacturer of high-quality Module Led high bay light & tunnel light, we help you find the best solution for your project. Below is module series led high bay / low bay light, idea for indoor warehouse lighting and outdoor stadium, building light. Our strength lies in industrial and commercial lighting and luminaire construction. Here, […]

Benefits of Led Industrial Light

Why Choose LED Industrial Lighting? LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are small, high lumens efficiency, high CRI, compared with traditional HALOGEN Light. Led technology offers many additional advantages, such as exceptionally long lifespan, vastly reduced energy usage, lower maintenance costs, and increased safety. Greater Efficiency Led Industry light (140lm/w) have the double lumens efficiency than HALOGEN Light (70lm/w). Since LEDs […]

How To Find A Good LED Supplier In China

It is real hard for foreign importer find a good supplier in China. After read this article, they may find their solution. “Find a trustworthy supplier,this is perhaps the most important step in your import business. Dealing with a serious and dependable supplier always concerns about quality and can help fend off disputes down the […]

Energy Efficient High Bay Lights & Metal Halide Lights Comparison

Efficient High Bay Lights is very welcome by enterprise user in past years.When changing out your lighting fixtures, there are many options available and it can become overwhelming. Many people want to change from fluorescent to something a little bit more powerful. With their improved efficiency over metal halide lighting fixtures, fluorescents are a solid […]