Led Stadium Light Product No.:

MS-SL300W-A01    MS-SL400W-A02

MS-SL500W-A03   MS-SL600W-A04

MS-SL700W-A05   MS-SL800W-A06

MS-SL900W-A07   MS-SL1000W-A08

High power Led Stadium Floodlight


  • High lumen: 140lm~150/w
  • Chip: Philips 3030 LED
  • Meanwell ELG Driver
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Modular Design, Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Efficient heat cooling
  • CE RoHS Approved
  • Optical Lenses:  15/40/60/90/49*21/136*78°
  • Warranty: 5 years


General flood lighting, corridor lighting, security lighting, and rooftop lighting. Can also be used as a high bay.