MS-GRT100W-A01    MS-GRT150W-A02

MS-GRT200W-A03   MS-GRT300W-A04

MS-GRT400W-A05   MS-GRT500W-A06

MS-GRT800W-A07   MS-GRT800W-A07


High power tower lamps led high bay light


  • Power : 100w 150w 200W 300W 400W 500W 800w 1000w 1500w
  • Power Factor > 0.95
  • LED Efficiency: 110lm~120LM/W
  • Lifespan: 50000hours
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Driver brand: Meanwell Driver & Sosen Driver
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Material: Aluminum heatsink+Copper heatpipe+Glass cover
  • 30/60/90° Cover optional
  • The ideal height of the install is 5meters~30meters.

The Product Details

Technology Data

(1)Using good quality Lumileds LUXEON 3030 chips, CREE-XTE chips, COB chips, high heat conductivity, low light decline, high light utilization, less glare, less shadow.

(2)Through the copper heat pipe, the heat can be spread quickly, reducing the heat in the housing case, which effectively guarantees the life of lighting resource and power supply.

(3)The radiator surface is treated with anodic oxidation and anticorrosive treatment. The terminal box is equipped with a lightning protection device. Waterproof and dustproof.

(4)Green and environmentally friendly, free of lead, mercury and other pollution elements.

(5)Good Color rendering. Various colors can be selected to meet the needs of a different environment, making the version feel comfortable.

(6)Using constant current control, the width voltage is used to overcome the lighting and noise pollution caused by the ballast of the power grid.

(7)Easy to installation and remove, a wide range of application.

Application Places

Suitable for outdoor application

  • Be sure disconnect power before installing, don’t construction with electricity.
  • Product working voltage is AC100~277V,50/60Hz,Please do not exceed the working voltage range.
  • The input product line, brown is “L”,  blue is “N”, yellow-green is GND.
  • Be sure wiring is closed and prevent leakage when installing.
  • The lamp cannot be used in violation of any fire regulations.
  • Installation and schematic.
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Tower Led High Bay Light

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