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Case for led stadium &Sports light

One of a project for Led Sports Light:


Mosun led stadium light case 

Outdoor led flood light project case

300w module led tunnel light project in outdoor stadiums

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China factory

How To Find A Good LED Supplier In China

It is real hard for foreign importer find a good supplier in China. After read this article, they may find their solution.

“Find a trustworthy supplier,this is perhaps the most important step in your import business. Dealing with a serious and dependable supplier always concerns about quality and can help fend off disputes down the road”—Linda, from UK

“It’s very hard to find a good supplier,who want to work for your small qty, and give good service. Most of the factories are only interested in big qty, You’d better consider how can you get priority there for price,quality &after sale service. How to prove them that you have high potential.”—–Steven, from UK
“If you don’t see it by your eye, or your trust friend see your goods be loaded in the container, you will suffer issues: quality, packing,scratch on the products”.——Alen, from Aus

So, how to sourcing from world factory China? Actually whenever you plan to import electronics,ligthings,drones,camera, or Solar panel, or toys,etc from China. It can reduce much risk if you follow below tips&suggestions.

1.Check Supplier’s background.

According to my experience handle suppliers(big&small)here, checking supplier’s background is more important than everything.Because we are dealing with a company first.We need a trust partner before we pay USD.

You’d better check below info

Supplier Establish time: for a long time established company, I have more confidence that they will be honest. There is some scummers always disappear after receive big money, then register a new one to continue swindle.
Products range: If you are buying outdoor lights from a factory who everyday make it since 3 years ago, and their products already been sold by your local competitors, congratulations to you! You will get the good quality and price! But If you are buying them from a indoor lighting factory, who has limited experience on the water proof, heat transfer & surge protection,you will probably suffer quality issues, and big headache of the aftersale service
Register address: is it the same as they write on the website?are you really dealing with this company? Some person use other’s company title to do business, there is much more risk in that case
Legal representative and the stock allocation: For most of the companies, the legal representative won’t change since they register, and they have stable stock allocation.But for some company, their legal representative changed frequently,the director’s stock changed several times in the past 1~2 years. In this case ,do you think their company is under stable management? Personally, I don’t think so,even their own staff don’t know who is the real boss!
Company’s size: Every buyer want to get best service from the supplier.The same for supplier,they prefer customers who can help them making money by big QTY.So,you’d better check the company’s size to make sure you will have priority there. If you plan to buy 50,000 USD from a factory who sale 100 million USD per year, you are “NIP(NOT IMPORTANT PERSON)” for them,they have no time to care you, when you need any custom service,keep waiting….

You may have a question now: how to check above info?—-You can require the potential supplier to send you the copy document of their “company business license”. This license is issued by Chinese government, and its information can be double check by Chinese government online service.In this case,you can use google to translate these infomation,or you can ask help from your Chinese friend.We have checked more than 100 supplier’s register info in the past 1 month for our foreign connections and our own business, it’s quite useful.

2.Know your target quality,make it clear before release the inquiry.

If you want to sell LED Lighting to a local project, but there is no clear product specification on your customer’s bidding documents, How to get it? —–I worked with several LED Lighting and power bank buyers,they are new in this business, so I suggest them to take pictures of the local brand LED Lighting\power bank packing box,send them to me by whatsapp. That’s it!very easy!because most of the specification are printed on the box, such as: lumin,Ra,CCK,Battery capacity. Some times, to make it’s more clear, they sent me a few local samples by air, we tested the real quality in our lab, that’s not high cost but very much helpful.

3.Know the different industry distributions in the big China.

If you go to the right place, you can easily select the right supplier.When I guided 2 Europe friends to Foshan furniture production center and Zhongshan lighting center, they felt dazzling, because the whole city (tens of sq KM size,Hundreds of thousands of people) was doing lightings business only or furnitures business only

Let’s read the Chinese map below

The industry center are mostly distributed near the coastline. We can briefly break down them into 5 region A,B,C,D,E. The #LED Lighting,home appliance manufactures are mostly in A & B, the heavy industry(Steel, equipment,etc.) are mostly in C&D, you can find solar panel suppliers in all these 5 places.And for high tech, Great Shenzhen in A is the best choice.

Please be remind:there is long distance between A,B,C,D,E(800~2500km), so if your suppliers are located in different places, and you want to gather goods in 1 container, you need to prepare for long way land transportation cost.
Below is the detail map for A, my office is located here because it’s a strong &intelligent industry center,with very fast reponse supplier chain. It include many famous city: Hongkong, Great Shenzhen,Foshan,Zhongshan,Guangzhou,Dongguan,Zhuhai,etc. It’s a fantastic place for traders and importers, you can almost get all you thinkable products,and find the original factory here!!

—-Shenzhen is strong at high tech: Drone(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Mobile phone,computer,Intelligent system,Camera,Battery,CCTV,Power Bank,LED Lighting,Robots,IC

—-Foshan&Zhongshan&Dongguan: Home Applicance,ceramic bathroom accessories, hardwares, Lighting,furnitures

—-Guangzhou:automobile industry,auto spare parts,luggage

Reminding: the infrastructure here is excellent. Every city is connected with other city by both express way and fast train(200km~300km\hour).Hongkong International airport ,Guangzhou International Airport,Shenzhen airport are here.It’s good for production arrangement and business trip.

4.Avoid the peak season for your order

Chinese new year is mostly around the end of Jan, and Christmas is in Dec. These 2 festival create huge market requirements for almost all kinds of products from China. By below “Chnese supplier busy index”, you can see the Chinese supplier are very busy from Nov to to March.

5.Don’t focus on price only

If a supplier offer very attractive price, which is 30% lower than others, 90% it’s scammer.
Mutual benefit must be the target, we are working together to make money for each other.No factory will work without benefit.

6.Visit the factory

This is a very important step for you if you are going to importing big value of products.In many case, you can know the real ability of your supplier by face to face talking. This is also a very important step for you to create trust with your supplier
It’s almost impossible for you to visit each factory for your order, that’s costly and waste a lot of time.
Mosun Technology Custom Q&A:

1.How to pay YOU?

Answer1: Paypal, West Union,Payple,TT are all ok for US. For big value and long time partner, L/C is OK
Answer2: For TT, normally 30% before production and 70% before delivery. You’d better inspect the goods before the balance payment
2.How to get samples? Why you require sample cost?

Answer: Most time we are very happy to provide you samples to let the business go ahead. But if we offer samples to every customer free of cost, We will definitely go broke. Some times we offer free samples, but you need to pay the delivery cost. But if you are the buyer of Walmart or other Famous brand, sometimes we can offer free delivery as well

3.How to delivery my goods back to my country?

Answer: you can ask your local delviery agent to offer quotation.And in many case we can help you to book ship\air ,etc. It’s the same as you buy goods from Amazon, but you need to wait a longer delivery time, and do custom clean by yourself

4.How long would be the production lead time after down payment?

Answer: Normally 7~15 days.After you fix the order by down payment,we will book raw materials from our own raw material supplier, then waiting-production-testing-ready for delviery. You’d better arrange some time as buffer for your project. Because the lack of raw materials, festivals,quality issues will cause some delay.

5.Do you have ISO9001 Certificate ?
Answer:Yes ,we have but this kind of certificate.

6.As a 1st time do deal with China supplier ,Can you suggest a process on how to place 1st order to them avoid any losses?

Answer: Find potential suppliers–Analysis the background–Require samples and testing–Visit on site to get 1st hand info–Fix the trial order–2nd order. This suggestion is also useful when you going to place an order to us .LOL

7.I have the small Qty order,Can you guarantee my delivery and quality while I do not want to pay extra money on MOQ?
Answer: We have not the MOQ issue for Models we provide to you . Only developing new model with MOQ. Once we accept your samll order ,we will make sure the delivery and product quality.If it is over our production capacity ,we will give you a new delivery before you fix order to us. We never Sacrifice the product quality at anytime.

8.Can I have logo on products or packing ?
Answer: Yes ,you can but make sure the logo is you owner

————Revised by Allen Shek ,Quoted original write by Wang Hank at SKD INDUSTRY CO LTD—–

led high bay gas station application

Energy Efficient High Bay Lights & Metal Halide Lights Comparison

led high bay gas station application

led lighting

Efficient High Bay Lights is very welcome by enterprise user in past years.When changing out your lighting fixtures, there are many options available and it can become overwhelming. Many people want to change from fluorescent to something a little bit more powerful. With their improved efficiency over metal halide lighting fixtures, fluorescents are a solid choice. People often choose their lighting based on the size of the fixture, and for this metal halide would be obvious choice, but don’t let the size of an energy efficient fluorescent high bay fool you. Let’s take a look at a few of the differences between metal halide lights and energy efficient high bay lights.

One of the main differences between metal halide lights and energy efficient high bay lights is the output. Metal halides offer a reliable output, but the staying power isn’t as effective as with fluorescents. Fluorescents use fewer watts to create lumens of light. With metal halides, it will be an average of 400 watts being pulled to create the lumen output specified whereas a T5 fluorescent fixture may operate at around 32 watts per bulb and offer 3000 lumens as their output.

It is also important to consider that metal halides have a faster depreciation rate than your standard fluorescents. For instance, a depreciated metal halide, which is usually achieved within three years of regular use, will offer the same output as your standard T5 fluorescent in an energy efficient high bay model, and the fluorescents with a four-lamp design will not depreciate over time at the same accelerated rate. This factor alone is why many people are switching over to energy efficient high bay solutions.

The other thing to remember in this area is that there is a difference between the T5 and T8 when dealing with high bay applications. The T8 is thicker and longer which will yield a better light spread for a low bay ceiling whereas the T5 is thinner which will make it ideal for higher ceilings without much loss of light spread. Of course, the amount of spread will also depend on the reflectors in the fixture.


It is real hard for overseas buyer CHOOSING THE RIGHT LED LIGHT SUPPLIER IN CHINA .This article will  help you to find yourself supplier in a right way.When you look for a LED light Supplier in China, you should also be looking to build a long term relationship with them. If you build a long term relationship, you’re less likely to have problems, and more importantly, your Supplier will be more willing to find a solution to any problems. Too many new importers look only at price along with overstated promises and ignore all of the other details of a Supplier that can’t necessarily be found in a few emails back and forth.


In the startup world, you’ll often hear Venture Capitalists talk about applying the “Would I have beers with this person?” test. Essentially, a VC doesn’t want to invest in someone that they don’t like genuinely enough to go out and have a few beers with (beers can be substituted for any of your favorite bonding activities).


If you work with multiple Suppliers, you want to work with a supplier in the same general geographic area whenever possible. For example, if you have a couple of suppliers in Shenzhen, China (which is one of the major ports in China) so when you can choose between a Supplier in Shenzhen and Shanghai, it is a good choose the supplier in Shenzhen. The reasons for this are two fold. First, it makes visiting Suppliers much easier if you can travel to a city for a couple of days and arrange visits with multiple Suppliers, potentially without ever leaving your hotel! Second, if you need to consolidate freight, having products shipped into the same containers from Suppliers who are relatively close is easier than Suppliers who are relatively far away.Shenzhen Mosun LED light Co Located in Shenzhen where famous for  High Tech and Electronic industrial.

Shenzhen to Shanghai Distance
Pick Suppliers That Are Close Whenever Possible
Picking suppliers in the same approximate area is not always easy as China tends to have industries cluster in particular areas, for example, Led light Goods in Guangdong Province, Healthcare Goods in Jiangsu Province, Textiles in Zhejiang, etc. But when you have a choice, it’s good advice to go for the Supplier closest to a region you’re already doing business in. Shenzhen Mosun Led Factory ,Very closed to Donguan City and Huizhou City,half /one hours driving time to these 2 city.

Considering work with US

Shenzhen Mosun Led Factory located in Shiyuan Subdistrict ,Baoan district ,Shenzhen City. It is a specialized factory for LED High Bay Light and LED Fin Flood Light.   Welcome client from all over the world  visit our factory,meeting  and  building a long term business relationship with us . Contact our Sales manager :  we chat:JessryShek.


After using the 100W LED UFO High Bay Light, it feels brighter than the 250W METAL HALIDS we used before. Robert said. British users prefer to accept the new design of LED UFO high bay light from China Manufacturing. The beautiful shape, lower price attractting the Britishs want to buy. Why not buy ? after saw the products in a lighting malls.Robert had a idea to buy some for a try.

Robert Waltter,from Surry,UK recently purchased twenty 100W LED High Bays from Mosun LED Lights and installed them in his shop. The energy savings he’s experienced is a true testament to the high-quality benefits of LED lighting.

“There are no words to explain the difference we have experienced in our shop! We went from thirty power-eating 240-volt, 250-Watt metal halide high bay HID lights to twenty 100-Watt LED Lights from ABC Lights ,” Waltter said. “The natural light at 5000K is perfect for our shop. The light is EVERYWHERE! The coverage is fantastic and it is a pleasure to turn on a switch and have FULL lighting! Before we would turn on switch and wait 10 minutes to see if we could start work, and if it was below 20 might be 20-plus minutes.”

The Great Britain is China’s largest LED sales end market. The downturn in the UK economy led to a continued decline in sales of LED lights. More and more Chinese manufacturers are no longer just concerned about low-cost sales, but through product upgrades, technical updates, professional counterparts to attract customers, China’s Mosun Led Lights benefit from product specialization and technology upgrades, for maintaining sales in the UK Growing confidence.