It is real hard for overseas buyer CHOOSING THE RIGHT LED LIGHT SUPPLIER IN CHINA .This article will  help you to find yourself supplier in a right way.When you look for a LED light Supplier in China, you should also be looking to build a long term relationship with them. If you build a long term relationship, you’re less likely to have problems, and more importantly, your Supplier will be more willing to find a solution to any problems. Too many new importers look only at price along with overstated promises and ignore all of the other details of a Supplier that can’t necessarily be found in a few emails back and forth.


In the startup world, you’ll often hear Venture Capitalists talk about applying the “Would I have beers with this person?” test. Essentially, a VC doesn’t want to invest in someone that they don’t like genuinely enough to go out and have a few beers with (beers can be substituted for any of your favorite bonding activities).


If you work with multiple Suppliers, you want to work with a supplier in the same general geographic area whenever possible. For example, if you have a couple of suppliers in Shenzhen, China (which is one of the major ports in China) so when you can choose between a Supplier in Shenzhen and Shanghai, it is a good choose the supplier in Shenzhen. The reasons for this are two fold. First, it makes visiting Suppliers much easier if you can travel to a city for a couple of days and arrange visits with multiple Suppliers, potentially without ever leaving your hotel! Second, if you need to consolidate freight, having products shipped into the same containers from Suppliers who are relatively close is easier than Suppliers who are relatively far away.Shenzhen Mosun LED light Co Located in Shenzhen where famous for  High Tech and Electronic industrial.

Shenzhen to Shanghai Distance
Pick Suppliers That Are Close Whenever Possible
Picking suppliers in the same approximate area is not always easy as China tends to have industries cluster in particular areas, for example, Led light Goods in Guangdong Province, Healthcare Goods in Jiangsu Province, Textiles in Zhejiang, etc. But when you have a choice, it’s good advice to go for the Supplier closest to a region you’re already doing business in. Shenzhen Mosun Led Factory ,Very closed to Donguan City and Huizhou City,half /one hours driving time to these 2 city.

Considering work with US

Shenzhen Mosun Led Factory located in Shiyuan Subdistrict ,Baoan district ,Shenzhen City. It is a specialized factory for LED High Bay Light and LED Fin Flood Light.   Welcome client from all over the world  visit our factory,meeting  and  building a long term business relationship with us . Contact our Sales manager :  we chat:JessryShek.