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Mosun LED Street Light New Product Introduce

Mosun new street light- R Series
 street light mosun led street light 50w led street light
LED Street light market  situations
The LED street lamp market has undergone great changes since 2020 because of Covid 19 pandemic.
Governments of various countries have severely reduced their investment in road lighting after continuous impact of the covid19, the replacement or retrofit of urban lighting  plans has been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.
At present, in the LED street lamp market, more inquiries and orders come from some small projects, such as the lighting of residential quarters, parks or rural roads. Such projects are usually small in number, usually low watts,like 40w,50w,70w,80w. and products do not need particularly high lighting efficiency.
normal quality standard is good for it, but  low prices are required.
Under this circumstance, we launched the R style street lamp.
This street lamp uses a lightweight aluminum shell, the surface is sprayed with anti-corrosion coating, the modern rounded corner design, and the back has a waterproof and heat dissipation function.
The LED Driver we adopts the Truefull brand ,the supplier that we have cooperated with us for 10 years, 3030 led beads, luminous efficiency 120lm/w. Power 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W can also accept  customer’s customized watts.
This street  light  can be adjusted within 90 degrees and can be installed on the pole at different angles.(total 6 levels adjustable)
Luminous angle type3: 150*70, it can project light to a large enough areas
R series Street light with 10 SPD Dvices .
R series Street light is ok to adding photocell sensor.
R series LED street light is object to samll project .
That is our new street light R series, should you have any questions about our R series street light, please write to me : sales@ledmosun.com
Thank you for watching.